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Modeling and Simulation of a Residential Micro-Grid Equipped with PV/Batteries—Case of Morocco
Micro-grids are small-scaled grids, equipped with energy management systems and on-site energy generation. They offer low-cost power to consumers, and combined with green energy, they are a promising solution to ...
Characterization of a Novel Lethal Dermonecrotic Recombinant Phospholipase D from the Venom of Iranian Scorpion, Hemiscorpius lepturus Reference to Homology with American Brown Spiders
Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion stings are associated with local and systemic disorders may be led to death. The clinical signs of H. lepturus envenomation are amazingly the same as those reported ...
Performance Analysis of Data–Driven and Model–Based Control Strategies Applied to a Thermal Unit Model
The paper presents the design and the implementation of different advanced control strategies that are applied to a nonlinear model of a thermal unit. A data–driven grey–box identification approach provided ...

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The Preprints Advisory Board
We are delighted to announce the expansion of the Preprints advisory board. It now consists of 92 eminent scientists from across the academic spectrum. We are exteremely grateful to them offering ...
New Features: Update Alerts and Preprint Ratings
We have introduced two new features for Preprints to help readers make the most of their time reading a preprint: Sign up for email alerts for any preprint. Click the 'alert' button to ...
Top Read and Downloaded Preprints
Over the past months, we have the chance to announce some very high quality preprints. Here is a selection of the most read and most downloaded articles to date.Most viewed: 688,112 Statistical ...


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