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Preprints Editorial Office
09 July 2019
We recently announced a change to how digital object identifiers (DOIs) are registered, based on author feedback, including allowing authors to post their work without immediately registering a DOI. 

To clarify the status of a paper, we have now created two types of posted article:

  - Working paper: This is a draft paper without a registered DOI that authors can withdraw at any time if they wish. This offers lower visibility but more flexibility to authors. It is suitable for very early stage versions of papers and where the author might have to withdraw their paper when submitting or publishing it in a journal.

 - Preprint: A version with a registered DOI, which is permanent and citable. We recommend authors to use this option where possible as it will allow readers to cite and reuse your work with more confidence and give it greater visibility. 

The article type is shown on the abstract page of each article.

We encourage journal editors to create clear policies that allow authors to post a preprint before journal submission. The extra visibility and feedback that authors can gather from the preprint can help to increase the quality of work and citations as soon as the journal version is available.

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